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Experience an elevated level of security and privilege management with PriSM, a robust extension for Content Server.

PriSM empowers you with meticulous control over object usage privileges, allowing you to define precisely which users have the authority to create specific object types in designated locations. For instance, you can restrict the creation of folders to the Personal Workspace, ensuring a tailored and organized content structure.

What sets PriSM apart is its innovative category-based permissions system. It dynamically adapts permissions based on metadata, providing real-time flexibility to your security framework. This means you can effortlessly specify who has the privilege to access content, granting you the power to even restrict access from system administrators.

With PriSM, you not only bolster your security measures but also customize them to align perfectly with your organization’s needs, ensuring the utmost protection and control over your valuable content.

Document Link Repair

Experience the frustration-free solution to broken links with Document Link Repair! There’s nothing more exasperating than stumbling upon a broken link, whether it leads to an internal document or an external resource. Searching for the missing content within your organization can drain your time and resources. Imagine the impact when multiplied across your entire organization’s content.

Enter Document Link Repair – the enterprise-scale, gold standard for fixing broken links in SharePoint, Content Server, and file systems. Not only can you effortlessly mend broken links, but you also have the power to make textual updates to your content. And that’s not all; we offer advanced features such as check-in/check-out, restore options, duplicate detection, and more. Say goodbye to link headaches and hello to a smoother, more efficient workflow!

Content Quota Manager

Unlock the potential of your business with Content Server, a cornerstone of your operations. Managing it effectively is paramount for ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. That’s where our Content Quota Manager comes into play, streamlining content usage governance effortlessly.

No more worries about users stockpiling limitless volumes of content. Content Quota Manager steps in to prevent this and empowers you to take control of the risks and costs that come with unbridled content expansion.

With advanced Operational Limitation features, you gain oversight over critical activities like Copy, Move, Delete, and Permissions, safeguarding performance and mitigating the risks associated with potentially hazardous operations. Elevate your Content Server management to the next level with our comprehensive solution!


User Led Migration is your gateway to seamless content migration into Content Server. With a straightforward yet powerful interface, this self-service tool streamlines the entire process. First, scan and assess your content, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its structure. Then, import your content through multiple pathways while ensuring essential metadata and permissions are applied. Meticulously validate the migrated content for a structured transition, and when your migration is complete, effortlessly manage the disposition of the original content. Transform unstructured data into a valuable business asset and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

KW Search

Streamline your search experience with KW Search, your pivotal tool for consolidating search results across diverse Content Server and SharePoint environments.

Are you weary of the arduous task of navigating through myriad platforms to unearth your crucial content? Bid farewell to the frustration, for KW Search presents an intuitive user interface engineered for effortless searches across multiple Content Server environments.

Harness the commanding capability to fine-tune filtering options and tailor presentation views according to your precise preferences. Within this nimble and robust solution, you wield unprecedented control over your search journey. Elevate your search prowess and conquer the complexity of multiple environments with KW Search, your ultimate search companion.

KW Tools

Discover KW Tools, your essential arsenal of utilities meticulously crafted to elevate your Content Server experience.

Category Upgrade: Effortlessly execute high-performance, unattended upgrades to your categories. Seamlessly transition while optimizing performance.

Download Utility: Revolutionize content access and sharing with our user-friendly download tool. Simplify processes and enhance collaboration.

PST Extractor: Effortlessly extract content from PST files into XML, simplifying data management.

Structure Export/Import: Streamline content extraction and import to and from Content Server, ensuring seamless data flow.