Software Design

Our engineers have extensive experience in enhancing the already powerful OpenText Content Server platform. We can help you successfully extend the commonly used Content Server modules. We can create and support any type of software.

Products Development

PriSM is the essential solution for improving the security of confidential Content Server information. Content Quota Manager is the #1 Content Server Quota Management tool. Document Link Repair is the enterprise-scale, gold standard for document link repair.


Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are commonplace in today’s economy. But even in a normal economic environment, it’s necessary to blend systems, change from one system to another, or to split systems.

Who We Are

The KnowledgeWorks ECM team is led by respected leaders with decades of experience, known for their insight and providing innovative solutions for our clients. Years of working in some of the most demanding environments have honed our skills at configuration and optimization, and allow us to deliver high-quality solutions for both large and small corporations. Whether it’s surfacing metadata on hover, enhancing security, setting quota’s on personal workspaces or custom work, KnowledgeWorks has the ability to create and support any type of software. KnowledgeWorks has offices in Canada and the US.

The KW Process

KnowledgeWorks can put decades of experience to work for our clients when selecting which ECM solution is best for their business. KnowledgeWorks is a dynamic company that provides comprehensive support to all areas of Enterprise Content Management suites such as eDOCS, Content Server FileNet, iRIMS and Sharepoint.


Contact / Understand

Contact us today and we will discuss your needs and the desired outcomes. We want to learn as much about your business or organization as possible so that we can collectively determine the proper process.


Assess / Investigate

Our experienced team of problem solvers will assess each element in scope and determine the best approach to solve the problem.


Create / Develop

KnowledgeWorks is well known for our unique and creative insight and providing innovative solutions to our clients. Our experienced consultants have the knowledge and skill to deliver.


Execute / Deliver

When you work with us you’re working with a leading team of business and technology experts that each bring their unique experience to the project. Contact us today and let’s start the process.

Customized Solutions

KnowledgeWorks offers customized solutions for its clients to meet the unique requirements and timelines in a way that make sense. Our engineers will carefully assess what works for the client needs and create a process that will exceed expectations in every way.

Knowledge Center

Thank you for visiting our KnowledgeWorks resources center. We have developed this area of our website to help you learn and discover deeper details about the solutions and products we offer. If you have further questions please click the button on the lower right side of our website marked { Help }

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