Put Our Knowledge To Work For You!!

The KW Process

The KW process is a meticulously designed journey from initial contact to final delivery: we first understand, then investigate, craft solutions, and ultimately execute with precision. It’s our blueprint for success, ensuring we align closely with your goals every step of the way.  

Contact / Understand

Contact us today and we will discuss your needs and the desired outcomes. We want to learn as much about your business or organization as possible so that we can collectively determine the proper process.

Assess / Investigate

Our experienced team of problem solvers will assess each element in scope and determine the best approach to solve the problem.

Create / Develop

KnowledgeWorks is well known for our unique and creative insight and providing innovative solutions to our clients. Our experienced consultants have the knowledge and skill to deliver.

Execute / Deliver

When you work with us you’re working with a leading team of business and technology experts that each bring their unique experience to the project. Contact us today and let’s start the process

Software Development

We specialize in crafting customized, top-tier applications. Our seasoned team delivers unmatched digital solutions across diverse sectors. Opt for our robust development expertise, harnessing the power of Java, oScript, and .NET, and experience a digital transformation finely tuned to your business goals.

Content Server Implementations & Upgrades

Catering to regulated entities, our Content Server expertise ensures seamless integration using OpenText Content Suite's robust capabilities. Navigating complex environments effortlessly, our strategy promises tailored solutions and swift ROI. Rely on us for precise and efficient content management transformations.


In the swiftly changing digital era, transitioning from systems like iRIMS and eDOCS is crucial. At KnowledgeWorks, we excel in migrating to platforms like Content Server and SharePoint. Our deep knowledge in enterprise information management guarantees smooth transitions and optimized data for future growth. Trust our guidance to maximize your enterprise data's potential.

Workflows & Webreports

We specialize in workflow and webreport development, focusing on automating and streamlining business operations. Our expertise ensures efficient data handling and process optimization. Through our tailored solutions, businesses experience enhanced productivity and more informed decision-making.

M365 Implementations

KnowledgeWorks can expedite your transition by tapping into increased efficiency, budget-friendly solutions, teamwork enhancements, and contemporary data insights. We offer expertise in unveiling data, facilitating user-driven analysis, and mastering cloud-based operational frameworks

System Health Checks

Regular system health checks ensure optimal performance and early detection of issues. They minimize downtime by preventing potential failures. Consistent evaluations extend system lifespan and save costs. Moreover, they enhance security by spotting vulnerabilities timely.