Software Design:

Our engineers have extensive experience in enhancing the already powerful OpenText Content Server platform. We can help you successfully extend the commonly used Content Server modules. We can create and support any type of software.

Our in-house group of highly experienced software engineers have extensive knowledge in enhancing the already powerful OpenText Content Server platform. Allow our team to help you capture all forms of information and present it in a context that works for your business needs, unique and customized to your business processes and be delivered across any and all applications and platforms.

Our process is simple. We listen. We process. We deliver. Clients will be provided with a set of tools and advantages to develop their business including:

We at KnowledgeWorks collaborate with our clients by using a tailored approach that continually produces high-quality results. With a strong knowledge base and a view for creative solutions, our software engineers continually meet every challenge to customize and extend the commonly used Content Server modules. Trust our team of experts to meet your software design needs and help you manage your information more efficiently.

Products Development:

KnowledgeWorks prides itself on providing quality work for its clients. To achieve this time and again, we only work with products of the highest quality. For this reason, we have developed a line of products to meet the expectations of our clients. Our software engineers have extensive experience and superior expertise with products that include:copying content.


There are a number of situations that require data migration and implementation. These can include moving data to a new system to accommodate volume growth, replacing outdated systems that are unable to keep up with the demands of today’s information or the migrating to a system that has a reduced storage footprint to cut operational costs. It may also be required as a result of a corporate merger, acquisition or divestiture. No matter the reason, our experts at KnowledgeWorks have extensive experience helping clients with their data migration and implementation needs.

Our team can assist clients with:

KnowledgeWorks offers customized solutions for its clients to meet their unique requirements and timelines in a way that make sense. Our engineers will carefully assess what works for the client and create a solution that meets their needs and expectations.