There is no better way to manage your OpenTextTM Content Server quotas

Content Server is key to your business. Its proper management is fundamental to providing business continuity. Our Content Quota Manager automates the process of content usage governance, preventing users from storing unlimited volumes of content and helping you to manage the risk and costs associated with unmanaged content growth. Content Quota Manager is the only solution that enables you to bring the costs and usage of Content Server under control, proactively helping prevent catastrophic data loss and maintaining your system performance.

Better Quota Management

Content Quota Manager allows administrators to set and manage quotas associated with Content Server storage and resources. Soft and hard limits allow users to gracefully manage their usage, while friendly email notifications help users to better understand and react to their current compliance breaches.

Manage Your Content Server Hardware Resources

In addition, Content Quota Manager permits the creation of operational limitational quotas. By restricting a user’s ability to copy, move, or delete large volumes of content you can ensure that expensive Content Server hardware resources are being appropriately used. This can help protect your business against the impact of accidental or malicious data removal.

Enable Storage Planning

Thanks to quota management, your absolute limits on Content Server storage and resource growth can be calculated and controlled. This helps in the planning and management of costs associated with data centers and storage. In addition, departments can be allotted storage allowances, with costs budgeted for and allocated accordingly.

Better Content Server Response Times

Quota Manager limits the size of move, copy and delete operations that end-users and programs can perform. This helps optimize server performance and improves the user experience by keeping operation response times within acceptable levels.

How does it work?

Content growth quotas allow Content Server administrators to control the growth of content in specific containers (e.g. Folders) or every instance of a volume subtype (e.g. Personal Workspaces).

Both soft and hard limits are supported, and daily notifications to content owners inform them of areas that have exceeded defined soft or hard thresholds and experienced a violation of limits.

Operation limitation quotas allow governance over the maximum structure size users can perform move, copy, delete, or project outline operations against. Support for exempting specific servers
in your cluster, on-the- y without restarting your environment, allowing you to address special circumstances.

All quotas are implemented at the API level, ensuring enforcement of governance regardless of how users interact with the environment.