The simple, out-of-the-box solution for collating and printing documents of multiple formats

For many individuals and industries, the conversion of multiple, related documents of different formats into a single file is desirable and often mandatory. In addition, the creation of a single collated document that contains all the converted originals increases their combined usability and shareability. With sharing comes an increased security risk so it is also possible to add a watermark, encryption, and password protection to mitigate this.

Better Bulk Document Sharing

Bulk Document Management gives end-users the ability to collect multiple documents, collate them into a single file and print or share with others. This ensures that everybody has exactly the same documentation, structured in the same fashion and easily viewable on multiple devices.

Project Archiving

It is often the case that documents related to a completed project need to be archived and stored for many years. Through its ability to merge multiple documents from within a project structure into a single PDF file, Bulk Document Management delivers hassle-free paper and electronic archiving. It also helps when printing multiple files in one batch. If a paper copy, consisting of multiple documents needs to be printed, Bulk Document Management ensures that there is no risk of extraneous printouts appearing in the middle of your long print job.

End-User Control

The collation and merging of electronic documents of multiple formats can often be a complex process requiring specialist knowledge or applications. However, with Bulk Document Management, it is readily available to all users thanks to its tight integration into the OpenTextâ„¢ Content Server interface.

How does it work?